Small Office Cleaning Services Harrisburg

Small Office Cleaning Services Harrisburg

Harrisburg Small Office CleaningServices

Small Office Cleaning Services Harrisburg


When you’re in the market for small office cleaning services with high quality standards, friendly, trustworthy staff and consistent, dependable service, Finnegan Commercial Cleaning Service is your answer.

Family owned and operated, Finnegan Commercial Cleaning Service supplies all your janitorial needs.  Fully insured, we have been servicing our customers in the greater Harrisburg area for over 10 years with excellent, dedicated cleaning performance.  Our customers speak for us.  We take pride in our reputation and our commitment of providing outstanding service.

Since every business’s building is different we will tour your facility at no cost, evaluate your cleaning needs and cater a regiment according to your unique business.

Most common services offered:

  • -Trash Removal
  • -Bathroom Cleaning/Sanitizing
  • -Restroom Stock Supply
  • -Water Fountain Sanitizing
  • -Dusting
  • -Allergen Filtration Vacuuming
  • -Dust Mopping
  • -Mopping
  • -Carpet Cleaning
  • -Floor Maintenance
  • -Additional Services Available Upon Request




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